BODUM 11001-01US Bistro B. Over Automatic Pour-Over Electric Coffeemaker

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4/5 on February 19, 2017

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My wife has been hounding me to get a coffee maker for ages but I have always been a little apprehensive. Coffee makers are such a bother; you have to replace the filters each time, the plastic heating elements usually give the coffee a weird taste and every so often I would have to clean it out because the minerals in the water would cake up at the bottom.

However, when I saw the BODUM 11001-01US I was honestly shocked. This machine was everything I had been waiting for!

Pros and Cons

First of all, the filters are permanent. They are made of a steel mesh and they appear to have some kind of titanium coating on them as well, and the high quality nature of this filter makes it so that I only rarely have to clean it. In fact, I have had this machine for over a month now and I have only cleaned it once, because it has a nice little filter on top of the reservoir as well that prevents calcifying minerals from entering the pot. The top filter also prevents minerals from caking up on the coffee filters. I really hate it when my coffee filters are all caked up because the coffee just doesn’t come out right, so this is a pretty great feature in my opinion.

What really sold me on this machine was the fact that it had a metal heating element. Plastic is a terrible choice as it wears down really easily, but the metal heating element of this machine is so solid that I think I’ll be using this coffee maker for a very long time indeed. The vacuum locking pot also keeps the coffee hot for pretty much the whole day. Now, I make a pot of coffee in the morning, my wife and I have a couple of cups, and then I leave it for when we come back home. When we get back we have coffee that is just as hot as it was in the morning waiting for us!

Should You Buy It?

Now, this machine is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are a few problems with it here and there, such as the lack of variety in the type of coffee it makes. You can pretty much only make drip coffee so you’re not going to get any espressos or cappuccinos out of this. Also, there are no programmable settings that you can use to get coffee ready before you need it. However, the price for this machine is pretty low, so low in fact that it justifies the absence of these features. In fact, the effort that has been put into building a machine that is high in quality is extremely appreciable in my opinion, and makes this a great buy.

Final Verdict

I think anyone that wants a great, easy to clean and use coffee machine that doesn’t cost too much should go for this one. It really is worth it!

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