Cuisinart DCC-1200MR 12CUP Programmable Coffeemaker

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4.0/5 on February 20, 2017

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When I tried to find a nice coffee machine to buy I was honestly a little dismayed. Most coffee machines out there are so expensive, and they have so many complicated features that I just know I am never going to be able to get the hang of them. I just wanted something simple that I could use to make my coffee, nothing fancy or complicated. This is exactly what I got with the Cuisinart Programmable Coffeemaker.

Product Specifications

This coffee machine is a sleek looking thing that looks utterly beautiful. I got it in the red but honestly the metallic silver looked just as good and would go with a lot of different designs. As for the coffee, well the machine sure did its job well! I got a nice, hot brew in no time, and the reservoir was big enough to hold about a dozen cups at once.

I drink a lot of coffee over the course of my day, so being able to make so much all at once really helps me save a lot of time. This device also made it really easy for me to have coffee ready whenever I need it! Instead of having to go to the kitchen and make it myself I was able to just push a few buttons and program the coffee maker to do this for me. I really loved this feature as it gave me the ability to come home to the smell of fresh coffee every single day!

Pros and Cons

The price of Cuisinart Programmable Coffeemaker is really out of this world. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price, especially when I saw what a great machine it was. When I got it I was a little concerned because it was really light and did not have much heft to it, but honestly this is something I appreciate now. I don’t want any heavy machinery, I am not that young anymore and I can’t lift anything too heavy without hurting myself!

I would have preferred there be a coffee bean grinder installed in the device itself, but oh well. There’s only so much you can expect from a coffee machine that is so affordable, and honestly the programmability, the size of the carafe and the ease of use already exceeds all expectations I had when I placed the order. I think a lot of people would not appreciate the fact that you can’t make espressos with this machine but I honestly don’t mind.

Should You Buy It?

I really think that this is a great coffee machine that everyone should buy if they want to get the sort of delicious hot brew every morning that would help them get started.

Final Verdict

If you want fancy coffee this machine isn’t for you, but if you want a nice, old fashioned cup of coffee every morning made without you having to lift a finger, this Coffeemaker is a great option for you and will help you get going at the start of the day.

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