Hamilton Beach 2Way FlexBrew Digital Single-12 Cup Coffee Maker

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4.2/5 on February 24, 2017

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The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker was a great little coffee machine that I found and bought. The thing that appealed to me at first was how cheap it was, this is without a doubt one of the cheapest coffee makers out there, and I just wanted to save some money. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how high quality the coffee maker is at a price point like this.

Product Specifications

For sure it’s pretty sturdy machine, something I know for a fact because I dropped it before I even used it. It ended up working just fine, something for which I was glad. I was sure that the cheap price point would get me a flimsy machine but the Hamilton Beach 2Way FlexBrew Digital Single-12 Cup Coffee Maker is really solid.

I love how I can make as many cups as I want! I usually just want one cup in the morning and don’t want to have to make a whole pot, and this machine allows me to do that. When I have company over and need to brew a pot I can make up to a dozen cups at the same time with this machine! This made it a real life saver when I needed to make coffee at the last minute for some unexpected guests.

The dual dispenser also made it really easy for me to make a single cup of coffee while the pot is brewing, which is extremely convenient as it gives me something to do in order to pass the time while I wait for the sweet smell of fresh coffee to finally permeate from the pot.

Pros and Cons

I really love K-Cup pods, but the problem is that a lot of coffee makers don’t make them well enough. They end up messing up something or the other which really annoys me, but this machine is actually compatible with these pods and makes this type of coffee pretty easy to make. The coffee making process has been really dumped down which is great for people like me that are usually clueless in situations like this!

I also really enjoyed the fact that Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker was so easy to clean. Conversely, I was a little frustrated at the lack of versatility. Affordable though it may be, I was at least expecting some minimal programming capabilities, and the fact that the machine uses a plastic heating element makes it a little flimsy and unlikely to last very long without breaking down or needing some kind of repairs.

Apart from this, however, I am very happy with my purchase as it allowed me to save a lot of money and get a great coffee maker that gets the job done.

Final Verdict

Overall, I would really recommend Hamilton Beach 2Way FlexBrew Digital Single-12 Cup Coffee Maker. It’s so affordable that any problems you might have with its lack of versatility are easily solved, and you can also get access to a great customer help line that is always available to give you the help you need.

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